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HouseME uses innovative technology to solve traditional rental problems such as inflated agency costs, risk of non-payment, chasing down late payments, unreliable maintenance providers, and uncertainty over rental prices resulting in loss-making vacancy. Because we make it all digital, we're able to do so at a fraction of the usual cost. If you already have a tenant, transfer them to us and we will handle the deposit, lease, rental collection, and give you access to our maintenance partners. In addition to this, you can opt-in for our Rental Guarantee or Eviction Coverage for extra peace of mind. If you're still looking for a tenant, list your property and we'll advertise on multiple marketplaces simultaneously, provide an online booking system to manage your viewings, and do a full financial verification of your applicants. HouseME’s full automated Home platform is available nationwide, while our HouseME Assist package is available in select areas of Cape Town and Joburg.

HouseME is not a law firm and offers no legal or financial advisory. All HouseME tenants that have been vetted, will be sent a letter of demand should they ever be in default. HouseME is responsible for managing the rental deposit in a designated trust account, per the Rental Housing Act (Act 50, 1999). HouseME also now offers eviction services.

Download our lease here and our full terms and conditions here. HouseME is registered with the EAAB with an FFC available on request. The company’s FIC number is 44416.

HouseME provides a digital lease agreement, which is binding upon a tenant’s payment of the deposit or first month’s rent if the tenant has elected DepositFREE™. No signature is required due to the opt-in of all of HouseME’s terms and conditions here. Note that although you may provide your own lease agreement, HouseME’s Rental Guarantee may be inaccessible to you if your contract is not fully CPA- compliant. Most changes to the lease can be made using our appendix templates. Tenants may negotiate changes to the lease whilst applying, but these need to be approved by the landlord.

Tenants seek out HouseME properties via online marketplaces, and are verified and credit checked before successfully being placed. We are also building our world class rating tools to monitor their behaviour once renting, so that we maintain a database of the best tenants in the country.

HouseME handles leases of four months and longer.

HouseME offers an opt-in Rental Guarantee for just 2% of the total lease amount. This is taken in full from the first month’s rent. The Rental Guarantee covers you for two months in addition to the one month deposit security held or the additional month from the deposit cover where the tenant selected DepositFREE™. The Rental Guarantee ensures that you get paid on time, even if your tenant pays us late and secures your rental for up to a quarter of the year.

HouseME’s application process allows tenants to place rental offers for more than (or less than) your asking price. This process ensures that we minimize vacancy for you, and also reward you with a higher rental per month when your property is in high demand, in a fair and transparent manner.In the case that tenants only offer to pay rental below your asking price, you may choose to accept or reject their offers. In the case that the final offer is higher than your asking price, HouseME splits the additional revenue with you evenly.

HouseME is able to transfer your current lease onto our system to be managed. We will happily offer our Rental Guarantee and Eviction Coverage should the tenant pass our vetting. Create your account and then request a lease transfer by ask@house.me.

The PlaceME® tool is an online pricing mechanism that provides for the fair and transparent placement process that HouseME prides itself on. We'd hate to see your property sit online without a great HouseME tenant to fill it, or fly off the shelf at an undervalued price. By allowing potential tenants to place offers both above and below the asking price, the feature maximises returns either by increasing the rental price or by placing a vetted tenant sooner.

HouseME offers eviction coverage through our partners Landlord Legal. With this coverage, you will be assisted throughout the eviction process and all eviction legal costs will be covered. The cost of this product is R250 per month, and is entirely opt-in.

HouseME’s fee for the Home package is 2.5%, collected as a once- off only after the tenant is placed. This is taken in full from the first month’s rent. Should 2.5% of the total value of your lease be lower than R2,000, we will charge a minimum fee of R2,000. Included in this is access to our maintenance partners getTOD. For an extra 2%, landlords can benefit from HouseME’s Rental Guarantee, which ensures that Landlords get paid on time regardless of when or whether the tenant pays. In addition to this, HouseME offers eviction coverage - contact us to find out more.

HouseME offers all of its users 24/7 and nationwide access to our trusted maintenance partner, TOD. HouseME tenants log their maintenance requests online and within hours TOD will deploy reliable, verified tradesmen with strong track records, who complete 100% of jobs tasked. For jobs that would cost less than R1,000, maintenance items will be instantly resolved. HouseME not only connects the job to a great partner, but also assists in managing the payments. In most cases, the charges will simply be deducted from your next rental payout. Landlords have complete signoff on what can and can’t be authorised, and even if they reject the quote, there will be no call-out fee. You can also choose to pay without HouseME’s intervention. Just one more way that HouseME makes renting easy for you!

HouseME will provide your tenants with a number for a 24/7 emergency maintenance call center, where they can file an emergency maintenance request.

Work that is covered by the emergency service includes:

  • Geyser bursts
  • Water leaks
  • Electrical shortages
  • Lock smith (but not for keys lost by the tenant or damage caused by the tenant)

Emergency maintenance jobs under the value of R2,000 will be automatically resolved. If the job is going to cost more than R2,000, you will be called for your approval.

In terms of payment, for any maintenance valued at 50% or less of your rental, HouseME will pay the providers directly, and deduct the amount from your next rental payment. We will invoice you directly in the following scenarios:

  • Maintenance valued at more than 50% of your rental
  • Should you have no more rental payments due
  • Should your tenant not pay their rental due

HouseME’s placement process is automated, online and transparent, and keeps fair market value at the heart of every rental negotiation. When there is high interest in a property, the PlaceME® tool can assist with increasing the monthly rental amount to reflect market demand. When there is low interest in a property, the tool reduces the chances of your property lying vacant, and therefore reduces the chance of loss of rental income, by placing a vetted tenant sooner rather than later.

Rental payments will be made via direct EFT to your bank account by the 7th of every month.

HouseME’s newly launched DepositFREE™ will only be offered to tenants that pass our vetting processes. If a tenant selects the DepositFREE™ option, and you as the landlord has opted into the Rental Guarantee, you will qualify for deposit cover which means you will still receive two month’s rent and the third month will be covered by the deposit cover. This is in the event that your tenant pays late or defaults. At the end of the lease, should there be any damages, the cost of replacements will be invoiced to the tenant and collected via debit order.

In addition to our HouseME Home services, we offer the HouseME Assist package which includes all of the benefits of the Home package plus photography, hosted viewings, key handover, an in-going inspection and access to emergency maintenance services. The fee for the HouseME Assist package is R4,900 plus the standard 2.5% of the total value of the lease charged once-off after the tenant is placed. Should 2.5% of the total value of your lease be lower than R2,000, we will charge a minimum fee of R2,000.


We advertise all of our landlords’ properties on trusted online marketplaces. Simply visit them here, here or here.

Once you’ve found the perfect HouseME property, fill out the contact form and we’ll email you the viewing times straight away. You can book into the viewings directly by clicking on the links provided.

By registering a profile with us, you are able to seamlessly apply to a number of properties without submitting the same documents multiple times. HouseME landlords are also required to register a profile with us, to ensure safety, transparency and efficiency.

HouseME conducts rigorous screening and ownership checks on all of our users. We will blacklist any landlords engaged in prohibited behaviour and over time, we build ratings of them. We believe that we work with great clients, and we are fully responsible for your deposit management - which means total peace of mind for you.

Our lease is available to everyone online and it binds all parties digitally, without signature. By accepting our terms and conditions, landlords are bound in the same way.

Rental is collected in the final week of the month, payable in advanc

Transparency is critical – find all of our terms and conditions here and note that these include the full lease agreement. We don’t want any unpleasant surprises later on!

The Consumer Protection Act gives any tenant the right to cancel a rental contract upon giving 20 business days’ written notice to the landlord. You will have to pay the landlord a cancellation penalty of two months rental payment, plus reasonable costs the landlord incurs to remarket the property. The landlord will be responsible for finding a replacement tenant. If the landlord is able to find a replacement within two months after the cancellation of the agreement, they will refund you a proportional amount of the cancellation penalty. We encourage you to read through the lease agreement here for further details on the cancellation process. Tenants may negotiate changes to the lease whilst applying, however the landlord will need to approve these changes.

The first step after viewing a property is to create a HouseME profile and place an offer on the property using our PlaceME® tool (see below for more info on how this tool works). Next, you will be required to complete your application process with standard documentation.

There is a timer associated to your application, and once your documentation is complete, our team will consider your offer against offers that have been placed by other tenants. We work with you to ensure we can verify your profile, process the offer, and recommend the lease to the landlord.

Once we have verified you and your offer has been accepted, we send all parties the digital lease and request that you accept our rental collection mandate, in order for us to collect the rental payments. Once we have received the deposit or first month’s rent where DepositFREE™ has been selected, the lease is legally binding and you can organise the inspection and key hand over directly with the landlord.

The PlaceME® tool is an online pricing mechanism that provides for the fair and transparent placement process that HouseME prides itself on. It creates a non-discriminatory placement procedure.

In order to secure the lease in a fair and transparent manner, you will at any time be able to place an offer on the property you’re interested in – at, below or above the landlord’s asking price. Once your application documents are complete, your offer is considered relative to other interested tenants’ applications. The best verified offer will be offered the lease. Note that if you place an offer below the landlord’s asking price, the landlord may choose to accept or reject your offer.

With no fees at all, the PlaceME® tool is designed to help you arrive at a fair price, with efficient, non-discriminatory placement.

This piece of technology works to keep fair market value at the heart of every rental negotiation – and provides you the flexibility to negotiate on price, at any point in the process.

You will receive a rental invoice from HouseME on the 18th of each month, reminding you of the amount due to be debited from your account. The invoice may reflect a due date earlier than your date selected, however we will never debit your account earlier than the date you selected while setting up your online payment.

DepositFREE™ is HouseME’s newly launched offering whereby you as the tenant can elect to rent without paying a deposit upfront. Your rental amount will have a 6% fee attached instead. For example, if your monthly rent is R5,000 instead of paying R5,000 per month you would pay R5,300. This offering is subject to passing our vetting, and a debit order mandate from a South African bank account. You will still be invoiced for any property damage at the end of your lease and a debit order will be run for the amount invoiced.

HouseME charges a leasing administration fee to successful lessees placed, which is due together with the first month's rental. You will not be charged for your application unless the lease is issued to you.